Monday 13 Feb 2023: A weekend of rest

Image by Elmer L. Geissler from Pixabay

I didn’t manage to work through the night on Thursday. I was so poorly with the after effects of Covid that I gave up and went to bed. It was almost as debilitating as the disease itself. I had to fire off another apologetic excuse to the ghostwriting client, who was great about it as ever but still I felt bad. I didn’t get up on Friday until the middle of the day and I tried to avoid food too. When I finally succumbed, my belly started to gurgle and cramp again, but it held off.

I had a slow start, so to get me going I topped and tailed and reformatted another article and submitted it to Vocal. Again, it was accepted instantly… and then I spotted a tiny typo in the title (lower case instead of upper case S). When I was a paid member of Vocal, I could edit my own stories. I’ll have to see if this one is bounced back at all. Then I topped and tailed it again and imported it to Medium. I set myself a challenge to publish something every day on Medium or Vocal, and this one was today’s. I almost skipped it too.

I returned to the ghostwriting, but struggled to concentrate.

It seems that when I share a blog post on some of the social sites, others think the pictures are all mine, or the animals are mine, despite me clearly crediting those images that aren’t mine – and even some of those that are. This made me wonder if perhaps I should include the picture credit in the SM posts too… Food for thought.

I felt so ill that I didn’t think I’d be able to go to the Monkey Dust gig on Friday night and we left it right until the last minute before I decided I would go and I’d get a taxi home if I didn’t feel very well. I wasn’t contagious or anything like that. I just felt shit. But I managed to stay to the end and I’m glad I did. It was a great gig and I think they won another load of new fans. (They do it everywhere they go!) The nutter magnet was in top form, but I managed to fob him off onto two others in our party. I’m not their best friend at the moment now, but I really wasn’t in the mood for entertaining a nutter.

We didn’t manage to go down to Birmingham to see my brother. By the time we got hold of them, they were already getting ready to go to the airport. They didn’t have any internet access, so I couldn’t get in touch with them. However, I did track them down with my sister and I was able to have a chat with both my sister and my brother.

The article I submitted to Medium was accepted on Saturday and published.

We thought about going to see my mom on Sunday, but she’d already had a roomful of visitors on Saturday, so we’re going to see her next Saturday instead. So I had another day to rest, relax and recuperate, but I did manage a chapter of the ghostwriting before giving in again. The poet fielded some business messages for me. I like to respond as soon as I can to people, but I didn’t really feel like being sociable. So he looked after it all. He’s an admin on my Facebook page, and I’m an admin on his Monkey Dust Facebook page and we both help each other.

Today I must finish Part 3 of the ghostwriting. We’ll see what else I manage.

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