NaNoWriMo 2022: Day 7 & 8

Day 7 & 6: 19 & 22 November 2022

On Saturday I was rattling along but had to stop writing when tea appeared on the table. I didn’t have time to finish the day’s stint as we were off out to a Monkey Dust gig and we always have to get there early enough for the band to set up and do a sound check.

I resolved to get up early on Sunday and do some more, but on Sunday I woke up with a stomach bug that knocked me out for 2 days.

I had a late start on Tuesday, still with the after effects of the stomach bug, and I spent a lot of my writing time re-reading what I’d already written, to remind me in the hope I didn’t repeat myself. I started to collate the resources mentioned in the text onto one page for the end of the book.

I also wrote 2 chapters, so I was happy with that, but one chapter was of average length and the other one was a shorty. The next few chapters are exciting, interesting chapters, so that’s good, and I’m also creating all of the character sketches for the characters in The Beast Within, including some new ones.

Before I knew it, my tea was ready again, so I quickly wrapped everything up and called it a day. I’m still a bit behind, though, so I still have some catching up to do. If I can write 16,000 words in a day for the ghostwriting client, then I’m sure I can write 30,000 words in 8 days for me.

Tomorrow will be better.

Day 1 = 3,706 words.
Day 2 = 2,508 words.
Day 3 = 2,585 words.
Day 4 = 1,412 words.
Day 5 = 2,743 words.
Day 6 = 967 words.
Day 7 = 2,641 words
Day 8 = 2,730 words