NaNoWriMo 2022: Day 2

Day 2: 2 November 2022

For this year’s NaNoWriMo, I’ll be writing for 22 days in November. This gives me a daily target of 2,273 words, which will be about 2 chapters per day.

I ended up doing a lot of other work and a lot of faffing before I got around to NaNo today. And when I finally turned up at the page, I ended up staying there for a couple of hours.

The plan was to write Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in order to meet my 2,273-word target. However, I cleared the daily target and in only one chapter too.

This book in the project management process is the character section, so I’m hoping this is an indication of how substantial the final book will be. I don’t expect to clear 2,500 words per chapter, but having done so this time means I have a few more words in the bank in case I have a down day or two.

So that’s Chapter 1 in the bag, Chapter 2 moved to tomorrow, and a running total of 6,214 words.

Today was another good NaNo day.

Day 1 = 3,706 words.
Day 2 = 2,508 words.

I’ll be posting (week)daily updates, with Diary of a Tiger moving to a weekly Saturday post for the duration of this year’s NaNo.


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