Book Review: Diet Rebel

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Diet Rebel by Brian Harner

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author and to BooksGoSocial for letting me see an advance reader’s copy of Diet Rebel.

Before I even started to read this book I loved it. I loved the concept, I loved the thought of being a diet rebel, and I loved the cover. Any book that sets out to debunk the multi-mega-bucks dieting industry gets my vote.

Once I started to read it, I wanted to finish reading. The writing style was easy and relaxed without spouting facts, figures, science and other waffle at me. Throughout, the author uses his own experiences to illustrate what he has learnt.

My only complaint is that the author’s faith was shoe-horned in at regular intervals. Honestly, once would have been enough, maybe even twice. But the continual references started to irk me and are likely to send other readers scurrying. Nowhere in the description could I find a reference to this, and it will alienate some readers.

That being said, it’s a good book for anyone trying to lose weight who had tried literally everything else. It’s also a good read for those who simply read this kind of book for pleasure. I would have given it 4½ stars if I could.

Four stars.