Writing Prompts: 1 June 2022

8 October is World Octopus Day (Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay)

I try to work roughly 4 months ahead because the majority of my writing markets are quick to take work from me and publish it. Many markets, however, already have their content planned for up to a year.

Quicker writers than me will also be able to churn out an entire book — or more than one — in time to hit the market when the anniversary strikes. You will already know what kind of writer you are.

Do check these dates yourself before doing too much work. If I’ve already noticed any contradictions, I’ll mention them. But sources do go slightly awry on occasion.

What I’ve been working on in May
In May, I’ve been ‘thinking’ November, ‘writing’ October, and ‘submitting’ September (although I’m also working on a couple of Christmas stories right now).

As I’ve already selected several potential story themes for October, the following prompts are my ‘throwaways’ for that month.

These prompts can be applied to fiction or non-fiction, or even poetry.

Topical anniversaries in October 2022

October in general
We’re still harvesting in the UK in October, but it is coming to an end, although there are still one or two food or beer festivals knocking about. With the darker nights well and truly upon us, many towns are turning on their winter illuminations. Autumn is all around. October is Black History Month in the UK, and also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, of course, it’s Halloween.

Multi-day UK events, October 2022
30 Sep – 2 Oct: Nottingham Goose Fair
30 Sep – 2 Oct: Broadstairs Food Festival
1 Oct – 2 Oct: East Midlands Food Festival
1 Oct – 10 Oct: Birmingham Comedy Festival
5 Oct – 16 Oct: BFI London Film Festival
7 Oct – 16 Oct: Cheltenham Literature Festival
7 Oct – 23 Oct: Ilkley Literature Festival
5 Oct – 9 Oct: Dursley Walking Festival
8 Oct – 9 Oct: Great Peak District Fair & Buxton Beer Festival
12 Oct – 15 Oct: Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival
17 Oct – 23 Oct: UK Coffee Week

1 October
Evergreen: Pheasant shooting begins
Evergreen: National Bookshop Day
Evergreen: World Smile Day

2 October
Evergreen: Grandparents’ Day

This year, on 2 October, it’s The Forest Showcase Food Festival

5 October
50 years ago, on 5 October 1972, the Congregational Church in England & Wales and the Presbyterian Church of England combined to form the United Reformed Church

6 October
Evergreen: National Poetry Day

7 October
100 years ago, on 7 October 1922, English music hall entertainer Marie Lloyd died after collapsing

8 October
Evergreen: World Octopus Day

9 October
This year, on 9 October, it’s the Leicester Festival of Light

10 October
Evergreen: Old Michaelmas Day
Evergreen: World Handbag Day
Evergreen: National Yorkshire Pudding Day
Evergreen: National Fossil Day

19 October
150 years ago, on 19 October 1872, The Holtermann 630lb gold-bearing nugget was found in New South Wales, Australia

21 October
Evergreen: Trafalgar Day

23 October
Evergreen: National Mole Day

24 October
100 years ago, on 24 October 1922, George Cadbury died, aged 83

25 October
Evergreen: National Pumpkin Day

27 October
Evergreen: National Black Cat Day

28 October
Evergreen: Wild Foods Day

29 October
Evergreen: National Cat Day

31 October
100 years ago, on 31 October 1922, Benito Mussolini became PM and dictator of Italy

40 years ago, on 31 October 1982, The Thames barrier was raised for the first time

Over to you

I hope you find something of use. Please let me know if you do, and come back and let me know what you did with it/them and how you fared.

Good luck!