Publishing Challenge! Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Publication Day!
Today sees the publication of another Wordsworth Short.

Around the Maypole is a story I wrote but didn’t send anywhere. I published it myself in Twee Tales Too and it’s since been published in Twee Tales More.

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Half-Year Review
I started this challenge at the end of October 2021 and reached the halfway point on Monday 18 March 2022 when I published book 26. In all of that time I’ve managed to publish a book a week, including on bank holidays, holidays and days when I unexpectedly landed in hospital.

These consist of:

  • 19 short stories as Wordsworth Shorts (including 3 brand-new stories)
  • 2 series episodes (both brand-new)
  • 1 novella (brand-new)
  • 1 writers’ guide (brand-new)
  • 3 anthologies

The brand-new material is new material I’ve written during this period.

Since the halfway point, I’ve published Wordsworth Short #20, so there will soon be another anthology available, Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 11 – 20. Flash Fiction 2 will also be published in the next few weeks. Plus, this month I also publish Wordsworth Shorts #21, #22 and #23.

I’m happy with that.

Over to you…

Do you have any questions? How is your publishing challenge going?

Publishing Challenge: out in 2023

2 thoughts on “Publishing Challenge! Chapter 12

  1. I am not doing the publishing challenge (I’m trying to get my feet back under me after the last two years of illness and moving). But I am in awe of how you’ve met yours!

    1. I think I spent the previous 2 or 3 years reading about going it alone before finally taking the plunge. It’s all about stocking my ‘magic bakery’ (that’s a Dean Wesley Smith-ism), or ensuring I have a good inventory behind me. I’m disappointed I didn’t yet manage to produce a Words Worth Reading monthly magazine/collection. That involves mostly having the inventory there in the first place, though, I think, so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it.

      My own illness came as a shock, a real bolt out of the blue, so I’m with you there. It’s also helping having you cheering along from the sidelines. I hope I can do the same for you if and when you do get around to having a go at something similar yourself.

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