Our postie is such a tease

Our drive when the autumn colours were at their best a few weeks ago.

Next month, Friday’s blog posts will be Diary of a Tiger: a year in the life of a fearless writer. This month, they’re still the same-old same-old. But there are only two more Fridays left this year when I’ll be posting, so hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say by next week.

The technology issues I had on Wednesday took out most of the day in the end, and I didn’t get to finish as much work as I’d like to finish. That means that over yesterday and today, I had something like 30,000 words to write. So I knuckled down and got on with it.

The trouble was, next door were having their front garden dug up for something and they were very noisy. Aside from the machinery noises, they also had their radio on full-blast. The double-glazing did muffle the radio, though, and I was able to tune it out.

I used to live next door to someone who worked nights, and because he worked nights, everyone else was expected to be quiet during ‘normal’ working hours. Er, no. Just because I choose to work from home doesn’t mean they can’t listen to their radio while they work.

We’re hoping that next door is having a new driveway put in. We all have these massive great long drives that go to the road and massive great long lawns to go with them.

Ours is a big drive with room to turn around at the top, although it’s not an actual turnaround. Theirs (on the right) is a long narrow drive. And that means that often the postie will drive up our drive to deliver to next door without delivering to us. “Because we can turn around on your drive” is the excuse.

That infuriates me more than landscapers playing a radio while they work. I mean, the postie clearly knows where reverse is, so why doesn’t she just reverse up the drive? As a friend once said, for the post van to drive up our drive and not deliver anything to us is just plain teasing.

I hope I’m not working over the weekend again… Have a good one!