NaNoWriMo 2021 Day 9

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo was another day I went off down a rabbit hole. I’ve been trying to organise my reading, and so this time I was looking for a spreadsheet that collected stats and created nice, pretty charts without me having to learn how to make and position them.

Of course, the main aim was to keep a record of the books I’m reading and why I’m reading them. I wouldn’t want to spend time on a book in the future only to find I’ve already read it. Yes, I do go back and re-read books, but usually it’s my choice and not an accident.

Anyway, I found a spreadsheet, took their logo off and added my own, and changed the colours. And I was off.

Then I did some Monkey Dust admin. I created a poster for their next gig, because it’s quicker if I do it rather than ask for it and then wait three weeks for it. When I had the poster, I also created a Facebook event, and then I went in inviting people.

When it’s good, it’s probably the band’s best gig – from their point of view. But when it isn’t good it’s, well, demoralising. So I’ve started the publicity early in the hope we get a good turnout.

Monkey Dust somehow morphed into the gig list, and I did some admin there. And then I wrote up yesterday’s blog post and posted it.

I finally got around to the first of my own writing jobs at about… 4pm. Fortunately, the poet was working away, so I could carry on working for as long as I liked.

By the time I’d finished NaNo, I’d added another 2,642 words.

16,567/50,000 words. 33% done!

Then it was back to ghostwriting for a couple of hours. I had revisions to do first, and then a chapter to finish.

There’s been a lot going backwards and forwards for this ghostwriting job but I think we’ve finally thrashed out a system and I think the author has managed to come up with a final-ish outline that we can work with.

I had a good read-through of the revised outline and decided that I may as well go back to the beginning to incorporate the changes now, but then we really need to do just minor editing as we go along, as opposed to major rewriting, and do a full and proper edit when we have a full and proper first draft.

So I’m going back to the beginning today.

Good news too today: the poet’s coming home a day early from his business trip!