NaNoWriMo 2021 Day 3

I’m in the exciting first few stages of writing and am already at almost 8,000 words after only three days. I hope I can keep the momentum and the rhythm going.

I wrote 2,515 words on Day 3.

7,795/50,000 words. 16% done!

In other work, I started renegotiating an existing contract. I came close to terminating the contract but the client was really nice and convinced me to have another think. So I am.

Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much today, I moved another deadline along by one day, but offered the client one day less on the next instalment. He agreed.

I keep getting embroiled in technology. Other people’s technology.

I’ve had issues with the NaNo forums as well as with the NaNo Scrivener template… and then I noticed that the British English dictionary on Scrivener had defaulted to American English, and when I selected the British one again, it was Ukrainian.

Scrivener isn’t a free product, and we Windows users who wanted to keep up with the Mac users have had to buy it twice. As it originated in Britain, I do think the default dictionary should be British English, but then I suppose it depends on their ratio of users.

I was supposed to be taking a day off with the poet this week, who’s had to take another two days of annual leave. But now I’ll be working for most of it. Perhaps we’ll get the weekend together… until Monkey Dust play a Sunday gig.

If I get another day on NaNo, I’ll be able to reduce my daily word-count target a little.