Publication Day!

It’s publication day today for the SHORT STORY The Most Scariest Night of the Year. This is the first of the new and rebranded Wordsworth Shorts, but it’s the first of the brand-new stories written especially for Issue 1 of Words Worth Reading.

The story is available in multi-ebook format only from Later it will be added to a collection and that will be available in paperback.

At the moment, paperback readers can find it in Issue 1 of Words Worth Reading, which is also available in multi-ebook format from I’m in the process of learning how to add paperback books to my books2read shelf.

In the meantime, just check with your favourite bookseller and order it if they don’t already have it.

When I set out to rebrand the short stories as Wordsworth Shorts, The Most Scariest Night of the Year was actually number 2. It still is number 2. However, because it’s a Halloween story, I brought it forward a week.

The original number 1, The Spirit of the Wind, is still coming out on Monday 1 November. This story also appears in Issue 1 of Words Worth Reading as ‘from the archives’, as it’s an old and popular story I’ve since written a (specially requested) sequel to.

Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend.