It got me

Yup, it didn’t even give me the full five days grace. Yesterday, at the poet’s insistence, I took the test, and it was positive.

We always have to do things together in this house!

Mind you, it doesn’t seem to be affecting me as much as it is him… yet. My temperature has remained normal and I’ve not had the full body aches. I have, however, developed a barking cough and a snotty nose.

While I’m still able, I’m going to carry on working. I have let the clients know, though, just in case, that one morning I may not even manage to get out of bed. But at the moment, fingers crossed, I can still work.

The poet has been up and down. His temperature has come right down to normal and stayed there, but he does feel like crap. He was hoping to feel a bit better as each day passes, but that seems to have stalled today. So he’s feeling a bit despondent now.

I’ll keep an eye on him.

I finally finalised Words Worth Reading yesterday and sent it to press. It bounced this morning, because I hadn’t added a full description, so I did that and submitted it again.

Once the ebook for Words Worth Reading has cleared, I’ll do the paperback. The paperback will appear later than the ebook, but hopefully it will still be some time in October.

I also took the two new short stories and published them as standalone Wordsworth Shorts.

One of them, The Most Scariest Night of the Year, is a mild horror story about a clown. So far, it’s bounced back three times! I’m starting to wonder if it’s that pesky clown…

Today I’ve been doing the promo flyers.

This afternoon, I’m ghostwriting.

So, even though we are the plague house at the moment, at least I’m still keeping busy.  For now.


  • I’m so sorry to hear this and hope the poet is feeling better. Fingers crossed for you, It seems to affect everyone differently. I must admit I was laid low for about four days, but it was the recovery which really floored me. I felt so tired for a couple of weeks afterwards. Hoping you are both bouncing around soon. Lots of love and socially distanced hugs.

    • I wondered if it had got you too… Hope you’re feeling better now, and that John is well too.


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