A surprisingly productive day

(Image by suju-foto from Pixabay)

On Monday when I nipped out to get some essentials, I also picked up some sunflowers to cheer the house up. They’re currently bringing a welcome splash of sunshine to our dining room.

All things considered, I had a productive day yesterday.

First of all I published Mardi Gras as an ebook on Draft2Digital. It’s not out until 15 November, so it has plenty of time to appear in all of the ebook book stores. Once D2D can publish paperbacks in Europe, I’ll convert it to a paperback too.

I’d already rattled off a short story and sent it off to a competition, but I also wrote The Most Scariest Night of the Year, which is the second story for Words Worth Reading.

In all, I wrote more than 3,000 words of my own work.

The Most Scariest Night of the Year is scheduled to be published as a standalone Wordsworth Shorts short story on 22 November. I already have The Spirit of the Wind stacked up for publication on 1 November and The Ace of Wands scheduled for 8 November. Now I’ve added a novella and another short story.

The short stories won’t be published as standalone paperbacks, but they will be added to themed collections in the future, and those will also be available in paperback. If D2D don’t release their paperback publishing in Europe, then I’ll probably publish the paperbacks on Amazon.

Today I still have the cover story to write, The Girl on the Bench, and the welcome letter for Words Worth Reading. Hopefully that will go off to be e-published later on today so it’s available from Friday. Again, the paperback will follow just as soon as it’s ready.

The Girl on the Bench will then also go onto D2D as another Wordsworth Short. I’m currently publishing a new book every week from 1 November. On 1 October I’ll also be publishing Words Worth Reading.

What I’m actually doing is filling my ‘magic bakery’, as Dean Wesley Smith calls it. In other words, I’m building up my inventory.

Incidentally, if you hop on over to his blog, he’s currently in the process of writing his next writing book. He shares it on the blog while he’s writing it, then everything is removed once it’s published as a book. The book he’s currently working on will be published next year.

The poet’s temperature is back down to normal now and he’s feeling a bit better. I just seem to have the worst cold in the world ever, but apparently that’s going around too. If I do test positive for Covid later in the week, stepson #2 is on standby to fetch us anything we need.