Twee Tales Twee is live

After a bit of a bumpy start, Twee Tales Twee is now finally live. Amazon accepted it late on Tuesday. You can find the ebook in multi-format here, and the Kindle book here.

Twee Tales

Unfortunately, it looks like Twee Tales (aka Volume 1) has disappeared from the Kindle radar at Amazon, although it’s still there on my author’s bookshelf under “all”. It’s all rather baffling, but I suppose that’s robots for you.

I was going to do a 4th compilation, but I’m umming and ahhing a bit about that now. I was going to call it Twee Tales More. And then, once all four books were complete, I was going to do an omnibus. (Twee Tales Together?)

Then I started to think that perhaps Twee Tales More could be the omnibus, with perhaps a couple of extra stories not previously published thrown in.

However, I’ve been collating stories for Slightly Sinister Stories, as they’re not really as “twee” as most of those published so far. When I shared my reservations about a fourth Twee Tales, the poet suggested that I still do a fourth book, but call it Twee Tales Gore.

Now, they’re not that gory. But I still thought that was a good idea. The jury’s still out, but that’s another thing I’ve been mulling over.

Self-publishing or publishing?

The other thing I’ve been building into my schedule is the submission of my current works in progress to traditional publishers and/or agents once they’re complete.

And then I read this guest post on the Womagwriter blog.

In the post the author, Paul Burridge, immediately dispels the “myth” that “self-publishing is for losers”, and then he goes on to argue his point – and very well too.

Now I’m wondering if I should just save a whole lot of time and anguish and just take all of my work straight to self-publishing.

Do have a read of the post and see what you think.

I have to admit that I’ve always sort-of thought the same thing, that if all else fails I can always self-publish.

However, when I started to write (back in 1985), vanity publishing was still a massive thing, and a massive thing to be avoided at all costs, even if you were rich. I think that’s still there at the back of some people’s minds when they think about self-publishing.

Self-publishing is not vanity publishing. They really are two completely separate entities. And yet, the stigma still lingers.

Saying that, I personally think that my latest publicity flyers do look quite professional. They’re in the sidebar, but in case you don’t want to scroll right down to the bottom, here’s what they look like:

What do you think? (Other than I need to get on and finish them.) I’m really quite proud of them and keep on admiring them!

The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed may notice that two of the Marcie Craig covers have now changed. I decided that I quite liked the mono look, and so I removed the colours. I think it works.

I’d better get on with writing them.