NaNoWriMo: Day 5

So it’s Day 5 for me for NaNoWriMo, despite it being 10 November.

It isn’t going great at the moment, I will admit. This is because after I spent time creating my Scrivener binder last week, I had a change of heart and a change of structure, and had to go in and change it all.

The binder is in a state that I feel comfortable working with now, so I’m hoping that the words come a little faster.

We also had a long weekend, and I spent more time than I should watching the US elections.

However, after 4 days, I should be touching the 12,000-word mark, and I’m actually closer to 5,000 words.

The ghostwriting gig is due to finish next Wednesday, the 18th, and I don’t expect any more work in that week from the client. That will give me a few days in which to spend all of my writing time on NaNo, and I should be able to catch up at least a little.


The ghostwriting gig is going really, really well. I’m surprised at exactly how well it is going.

I’ve never had an urge to write a Regency romance, and I’m not really a romance writer anyway. But I am amazed at how well the words have been flowing.

The research aspect has been more of a doddle than I thought it would be because I already check the research for the editing and proofreading jobs I do in this genre.

Despite the long weekend, I did in fact spend time over the last 2 days working on this project (around 2 hours per day). By the end of yesterday (Monday), I had 22 chapters finished.

At 2,000 words per chapter, this means I should be on around 44,000 words. So, with a current total word-count of 45,117, I have words in the bank!

I have found that working at my laptop on the dining room table while the poet watches telly is working very well, and I’m easily managing at least one chapter per session.

I am well past the halfway mark and down to the last 15,000 words of the actual novel. Then I have a 3,000-word bonus story to write. And with a daily target of 2,000 words, I should be able to manage that.


In between all of this writing, the editing work has started to come in again as well. This morning, for example, I had 10 articles to edit for the Hong Kong client and 1 article to edit for the India client.

Because I’ve booked so much time off between now and the end of the year, the HK client and I have decided to try and clear the next three months-worth of magazine, if we can. And my client has worked hard to get as much of the content to me in advance as he can.

So far I’ve edited December and January. I have yet to proofread those, but the bulk of the work is done. All being well, he’ll have the February magazine for me to do soon. So that means that when I return to my editing desk in January, we shouldn’t have any rush jobs in that part of the world at least.

Word meters as at 9am today

NaNoWriMo 2020

4,873/50,000 words. 10% done!

Ghostwriting gig

45,117/63,000 words. 72% done!

(Word meters from Language is a Virus.)