Decluttering the cluttered computer

This clock was made for me by a friend many moons ago, possibly in the mid-90s. Her boyfriend was just setting up in business making and selling dolls houses and he moved on to miniature scene boxes.

It has his name and address on the back and they split up a few years later, but I know that it was made by my friend as they started the business together and, anyway, she told me she did.

The cat faces were supposed to look like the cat I had at the time (Josie), but they look more like Holly. They hadn’t quite mastered dog faces yet, so the dog (Roly) didn’t get one.

The clock is now in my office on the wall with the door in, to the left of my desk.

Monday morning’s walk to the duck pond was much easier, even though the weather was hotter. I found my walking sandals and my ankles didn’t ache at all. The sun was too bright to take pictures, though, and I missed the peacocks too. They crossed the road behind me after I’d already passed them on the green. Boo!

My computer has been running on steam since the day it arrived, and I had a look yesterday morning to see what was causing this when there was nothing else open. It’s an Acer computer, and I’ll never, ever buy one again.

One of the biggest things running in the background was an Acer registration. I ended it, and the computer found a new lease of life. I have no idea if I’ve done something critical, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

AVG also seems to hog a lot of room, but I’ve been using that for years and it’s never caused me a problem before. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

I spent the rest of the morning looking for things (and finding them!), followed by planning the week ahead.

First job of the afternoon was to check the job boards. There was one job on there that caught my eye, but when I delved into it further, I changed my mind. I also received an invitation to pitch for another job, but I didn’t feel I was sufficiently experienced to write convincingly on their topic.

I checked to see if there were any outstanding jobs for the editing agency, but there was only one on there and I really didn’t fancy pursuing that one either.

I did some work on the gig list. And then I did a quick proofread for my Hong Kong client. It was nice to hear from him.

Normalcy may be imminent.