Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 6 (of 23)

Yesterday I started the day with just 15 minutes of admin before hurling myself into the novel. I wrote for just over an hour, and I added 1,956 words to the mix against that daily target of 1,860.

I’m really happy with the way it’s going. I added two additional scenes that weren’t in the plan, and two additional characters to the writing so far. Plus, my typing speed increased slightly … well, by one word.

I found a blog online that detailed how a radio station reacted to news of the pub bombings on the actual night, and while I haven’t yet found a transcript of that programme (there may not be one available), it enabled me to add yet more authentism to the story. I might see if the blogger is interested in reading the story before it goes off on its merry way.

I couldn’t dally and bask in this “success”, though, or mess around with screen captures for blog illustrations, as there were three articles to be edited over on the content site and I’m still in the middle of the Greek client edit, which just seems to grow and grow with each passing day.

The articles were very long and I only managed two of them. I’ll do the third either later today, if I get time, or first job tomorrow.

Then, because the client edit is so huge, I switched off the computer to reduce distraction and moved into the living room to work on my lap. I get more of this kind of work done on my lap.

word meter from Writertopia