Thursday 26 September 2019

First job yesterday was the new NetGalley book over breakfast. I moved the daily Pomodoro write-up to the last session of the day as I usually start to run out of steam at around 4pm, and for the past few days I’ve been writing them up the night before anyway. I wrote my daily blog post first, which has now been moved to the very first session of every day.

With me concentrating on the biography at the moment, I was starting to worry a little about cashflow. And so this week I’ve submitted three pitches for writing jobs, something I’ve never, ever done before. The next job for yesterday was responding to one of those potential clients, who wanted more information.

Next job was writing up the previous NetGalley review. I also created a spreadsheet for when the book isn’t published yet, to remind me to copy and paste the review over to Amazon when the book is published. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let you post a review for a book that isn’t yet available.

I had my 25 minutes of social media and 25 minutes of job searching, but no jobs took my fancy this time, so I didn’t pitch for any. Instead, for that allocated session, I wrote a blog post for diary of a non-fiction book and I added some more words to one of the writers’ guides.

My morning total was 1,542 words written.

The afternoon began with more liaison with the potential new client, then I did some work for the Cadbury book. I queried one of the big digital publishers to see if they’d consider a previously self-published book, and I WON that writing job with the new client. (Hooray!) Then I wrote up today’s Pomodoros.

My afternoon total was 475 words written.

This morning I was greeted with an email from Hong Kong asking me to do an urgent editing job for them before the middle of next week. What excellent timing. (I suspect he reads the blog … 😉 ) And I was also greeted with another email from the big digital publisher saying that yes, they will consider a previously self-published book and they look forward to reading my submission.

First job today, then, is to send off that submission. I’ll do a quick job search, but the pressure’s off now. And then it’s reading, reading and writing x 2 for the Cadbury book. Last-but-one session for the day will be The Fool, and the last session will be tomorrow’s Pomodoros.