Goldthorpe Writers: Monday 9 September 2019

Despite various promises from various people, there were still only two of us at the writers’ group this week. Not that we mind, we get one-to-one feedback on several extracts or pieces of work in one go. But it would be nice to see a few others start to attend as well, especially those who promised that they would.

Pauline is collecting her memories together, hopefully into at least several sections if not several volumes. Material she has already written needs to be located and added to the latest file she has. Material she is writing for the writers’ group is already showing a slight shift in style. This week she kicked off proceedings with The Boat Trip, a new one that she wasn’t entirely happy with. But it sounded okay to me, and it ran to approximately 500 words.

I am working on a pocket novel, and having to produce material each week to read out is giving me a blummin good kick up the bum to do it. I arrived early this week and was able to add another 235 words or so to The Fool. For my first contribution to the meeting, though, I read out Scene 10b. I have two Scene 10s, from two different viewpoints, but they’re not the exact same scene. One just runs on from the other.

Next, Pauline read out The Saga of the New Sofa, an old memoir she was keen to find because she remembered it being quite amusing. Again, it was around 500 words and, yes, it was indeed chuckle-worthy.

I have started Scene 11 of The Fool, but it’s not finished yet. So I decided to leave that one until next time. Instead I read out Scene 12 of Catch the Rainbow, which is the first scene that includes my interpretation of what might have happened that was actually confirmed at the inquest, which is a bit freaky.

Then Pauline read out another new memoir written especially for the meeting. The Visitor is, again, around 500 words. As she re-visits them, I’m encouraging Pauline to jot down in the top right-corner (a) the section or volume it might work in (e.g. Childhood or Young Family), and (b) the date it relates to (e.g. 1950s, 1960s, 2002, etc).

I read out Scene 13 of Catch the Rainbow. And Pauline finished with another old memoir, Childhood Memories, this time around 400 words.

Our homework this week is:

  1. Diane: Contact a potential member who had to have an operation in the summer to see how she is.
  2. Diane: Investigate NaNoWriMo Yorkshire to see if they want a Barnsley write-in venue.
  3. Diane: Finish Scene 11 of The Fool.
  4. Pauline: Investigate a bunch of floppies she found, to see if her old memoirs are on any of those.
  5. Pauline: Write at least one new memoir.
  6. Pauline: Locate the rest of her old printouts.

The next meeting will be on Monday 16 September at 2:30pm.

Goldthorpe Writers meet every Monday at Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Barnsley S63 9NE, from 2:30pm until 4:00pm. There is free parking to the rear of the library, buses stop almost outside, and the railway station is a short walk away. Refreshments are also currently available for free. All are welcome.