Book review: Run and Hide

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Run and Hide, Alan McDermott
Thanks to NetGalley and to Thomas & Mercer for an advance copy of Run and Hide.

I loved this story from the outset. By the end of chapter two, we’d had a fist fight and a car chase, and the action just got quicker from there on in.

The book was like reading a film, John Wick, for example. You can practically see the story unfolding, you can see the baddies, and you’re rooting for the protagonist and her team from the off.

Even when you know what’s likely to happen, the author still builds suspense. From the moment the little old lady walked in front of a car and fell over, I second-guessed the rest of the story, right up to the very last scene outside the prison. That one caught me on the hop. But guessing what might happen didn’t detract from the excellent storytelling.

This book has page-turning readability. You just want to read the next chapter before bed … and before you know it you’re a third further into the story.

I enjoyed this advance reader copy so much, I bought a copy so that my husband  could read it on his Kindle. And when I finished it, I bought the author’s first novel too.

Highly recommended for thriller lovers.