Diary of a Novel: plotting the murder

front coverI haven’t been completely idle since 10 June when I last updated the novel-writing diary.

Aside from completing three large editing projects for a client, I’ve also started work on a pocket novel and joined a new writers’ group.

Yesterday a short editing job arrived all the way from Hong Kong, from a new client. And this morning a longer proofreading job arrived in the post from lovely-already-client.

This means I’m going to be busy next week as well.

Since 10 June, though, I’ve also been reading the next volume in the series Writing the Killer Mystery by Ron D Voigts. Volume 3 is all about plotting the murder.

Chapter One is the usual introduction to the series, and a further introduction to this particular volume.

Chapter Two covers things like plotter v. pants[t]er, which I’m already very familiar with, the three-act structure (mine will have two parts to Act Two), and how to avoid the saggy middle – by writing Act One and then Act Three first, and writing Act Two last.

Chapter Three is what I’m currently working on. This includes the opening line, the opening scene(s), and introducing and presenting the players. My players are already there, but I’m going to have a go at the opening line/scene(s) next.

I’m dipping into this one and the pocket novel at the same time. As I come to a halt with one, I still have the other to play with, and vice versa.