Getting out of the doldrums

I was feeling a tad overwhelmed this time last week when I posted about the various piles of work I had. But sorting them out and discussing it with the poet really helped.

The first thing I did was finish the big proofreading job that was already in. That was completed yesterday and I nipped to the post office to send it off. I got there just in time as the postie was just leaving (I was sending it “signed for”). But he hung around while the post office clerk did her thang, and hopefully it will have arrived back at the client’s today.

Something I did at the same time as this proofreading job was decide which of the writing projects to get on with. We discussed it last weekend, and decided that Catch the Rainbow really did need to be the priority. I’m currently re-writing that, but I’ve decided to also apply the Save the Cat method (see my book review here). I’ve been working on this in my down time, and already there seems to be more substance to the storyline, which is great.

This morning I finally completed the first of two book proposals the publishers of the Cadbury book asked for, and I’ve added a third topic to the mix as well. This first proposal went to the post office today with a backup sent by email. Before I finish the second proposal, I need to do some more research.

On Wednesday, a new edit landed from lovely-already-boss. He said there was no rush, but I was going to start that one straight away anyway. However, yesterday, a new proofreading job also arrived that does have a tighter turnaround on it. It won’t take long, so I’m doing that one next, and then the new edit after that.

Also today I’ve been doing next week’s diary, and I’ve allowed time this time for my own writing work – two hours a day. I already have a daily admin hour and I do the household chores in my Pomodoro breaks. There has been too much rush, rush, rush for other people just recently, and not enough time for my own work.

For the next few working days, then, I’ll be working on the proofreading job, and then I’ll start the editing job. Over the weekend, I may get some reading done for a book review for NetGalley, and I want to do more on Catch the Rainbow.

It’s been an awful week, with us having to put one of the cats to sleep on Tuesday. A very sad day. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Whatever you’re doing at the weekend, let’s hope it’s a good one and that this sunshine in the UK continues.

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