Back to normal … ish

We had planned on visiting my mom at the weekend, but the country was battered by storms last Thursday, and most of Saturday was spent rebuilding the greenhouse. I’d already spent time on Thursday and on Friday looking for bits that had blown off. But we live on the edge of a cornfield opposite a farm with livery next to open land, and at least one panel from the greenhouse may be lost for ever.

It has a roof now, though, so that’s something. We may have to improvise for the missing panel.

The rain was relentless at the weekend and we were both exhausted by yesterday. We were both also still suffering with last week’s various maladies. So we decided at the last minute to just have a do-diddle-day doing diddley squat.

It’s the best Sunday we’ve had in a long time and we both caught up on much reading. I’m reading The Road to Grantchester by James Runcie, and the poet’s re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  We were a right Howard and Hilda … or Darby and Joan … or Dickie and Lily (apparently a Leeds expression, that I can’t find any reference to anywhere …) (I’m probably spelling it wrong).

But we did miss seeing my mom. 😕

Much of today’s work has been new month admin, and I’ve also been doing another proofreading job for lovely-already-client. I’ve not done as much as I would like, though, as Monkey Dust, the poet’s band, had a bit of an emergency and I’ve been trying to help with that too. It’s not sorted yet, but fingers are crossed.

Another thing I’ve been doing is looking at upgrading this blog from premium personal to business. This will not only give me access to a number of other themes I’d otherwise have to pay extra for anyway, but it will also allow me to set-up a shop as well as monetise the blog.

More importantly, at the moment WordPress have deactivated the falling snow feature that used to work for the whole of December each year. I like the falling snow feature, and there are versions available as plug-ins … but I apparently have to have a business account in order to have plug-ins.

I’m already paying extra for the blog now, yet I seem to be getting less than I did when I used the free version. But, hey-ho.

(Is anyone else missing the snow?)

I pitched for a couple of new jobs too, to tide me over in case of a lean Christmas. But, to be honest, I have plenty to be going on with.

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  1. Er no! I don’t particularly want any reminders of snow! However hope you are both feeling fine now and are able to catch up with mum soon. x

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