NaNoWriMo 2018 – day 7

I was quite tired yesterday following the shenanigans of the previous evening, but by 5pm I’d completed my day’s work quota. I’d added more than 3,000 words and I reached my first 100 pages on a proofreading job. I always like to hit the first 100 pages.

At 5pm, I checked on the chickens, put them away, and settled down to read a Robert Goddard, a real book, with real pages, and a real light to read it by. I was looking forward to having about an hour’s reading time.

At 5:30pm, the poet called to say he was still at work as he’d lost his personal mobile phone … then he called a few minutes later to say he’d found his phone and was on his way.

Great, I thought, that should take me to 6:30pm-ish. Plenty of time to make a dent in the Robert Goddard, and plenty of time to chill after a busy couple of days …

Ho, ho, ho.

I’d just put some plates in to warm when the phone rang again at about 6:15pm. The poet was just around the corner, about 10 minutes away … but the clutch had fallen out of his car!

Fortunately this is his company car, and he was able to call the breakdown contact number on the card inside the car, and the AA were on their way, promising to be there by around 7pm.

As the clutch had fallen out, it was likely the AA would take the car to a garage. So I got my car out and went to meet the poet, so that we could take all of his work stuff and all of our personal stuff out of that car and bring it home.

The wonderful AA man arrived right after I did, and yes, he did think it needed to go to the garage. So off he went with the car hooked up to his van, and we headed back home.

At about 8pm, we had a call from the AA man. He wouldn’t be able to leave the car at the garage as the barriers were all closed for the night. Could he bring it to the house and arrange for collection in the morning?

Well, of course, we said he could.

This morning, the poet had business calls to make. The AA came for the car at just after 10am. And his replacement car arrived soon after.

It’s been great having him home this morning. He’s been able to see to the chickens for me, bring me a cup of tea and a piece of cake, make dinner (lunch), as well as sort things out for work. I think he’ll be heading off in an hour or so. He’s off to Country Durham.

I spent the first hour of my NaNo time working on my main characters. I now have them all finished to first draft. I have my main characters for the new world and my main characters for the old world, and I started on a couple of supporting characters as well. I even sourced pictures to illustrate them.

Then I worked on the first half of Act II Part I, which is sequence 3. I have 4 complete scenes and just one more to do for this sequence.

Perhaps I’ll get another crack at relaxing with the Robert Goddard this evening. Fingers crossed, especially as this particular book is my NaNoWriMo 2018 read-along.

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