NaNoWriMo 2018 – day 5

We were going to visit my mom on Saturday and then stop off at Sherwood Forest, or similar, on the way back as it was going to be such a nice day.

However, there was a stomach bug at the home, and visitors were asked to stay away. So we stayed in and baked instead.

I’ve called the home this morning, and we can go and visit Mom this evening.

Therefore, I’ve cracked on with work a little earlier than usual, so we can go as soon as the poet gets home from work. And I’m packing a picnic to take with us.

This morning’s NaNo work continued with “Act I”. I have the first full “sequence” and I have the first 8 scenes. I’m aiming at 10 scenes for Act I. I’ve changed the chapter headings to scene headings too, as well as saved each scene individually as a separate Word document, to help keep track of everything.

Unfortunately, I can’t get Scrivener to work properly on the cloud drive I use. I can still access the saved files on the cloud from my desktop, but the notebook doesn’t like it at all. Support have tried to help too. But it seems there are known problems with this particular cloud storage, and I can’t be bothered to set up a DropBox as well.

So I’m having to save a copy of the Scrivener file to memory stick and work off that if I use the notebook. And I’m ensuring I’m compiling a version of the book in Word and backing that up to the cloud instead.

It’s a bit of a faff, but hopefully means my work won’t get lost. And it’s much easier to do most of the work on the desktop now we have a settee in the office. The poet can sit at his desk and do some of his own work while I do this, or he can relax on the settee and watch telly on his monitor. We both have earphones we can use if one of us needs to concentrate.

I have some admin to do now, then this afternoon I’m getting on with some proofreading work.

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