Book review: Stop Dieting and Lose Weight

10 Stop dieting and lose weightThis is a new feature on Words Worth Writing, in association with NetGalley.

Stop Dieting and Lose Weight, Philip Swart
Thanks to NetGalley and to Troubador Publishing for an advance copy of Stop Dieting and Lose Weight by Philip Swart.

I thought this book was packed full of interesting and useful information. My particular favourite was how the sugar industry “framed” fat. There’s a lot of science and some common sense, along with a 7-day plan to cut refined sugar from your life, and a few smoothie recipes. I also liked the UK spellings of words such as “fibre”. This made me think I wasn’t wasting my time looking for something in the UK that’s only available overseas or via the internet.

Many of the chapters read like very good, professional articles on the various topics covered, such as the chapter on healthier food choices, which includes basic information on the glycaemic index, fibre and insulin.

However, I was a little disappointed that the author advocates using a fibre supplement that’s usually used as a laxative as well as taking apple cider vinegar by the spoonful (or two) on a daily basis. Both of these are often used for diets, and the book says it isn’t another book about diets, but rather a book about healthy eating.

There is also some repetition that could read as padding, such as the “… let me tell you this!” ilk, and “I personally recommend …” several times in the same short paragraph.

It’s a useful book, though, and I certainly learnt a bit more about diet in general. I might even try a smoothie recipe or two, although coconut milk isn’t high on my list of shopping essentials.