Book review: A Deadly Habit

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A Deadly Habit by Simon Brett.
Thanks to NetGalley and to Severn House Publishing for an advance copy of A Deadly Habit by Simon Brett.

Stepping back into a Charles Paris mystery is rather like snuggling down into a cosy old cardigan. It’s familiar and it’s comfortable. It’s also been far too long since the last one.

Once again, Charles finds himself, though no fault of his own, mixed up in a murder in Thesp Land. He’s still drinking too much, he’s still estranged from, but still married to, his long-suffering wife. And, of course, he’s still struggling to find work via his frankly-quite-useless agent.

This time, though, there may be reconciliation in the air – with the long suffering wife. This time, he addresses his drinking. His agent, however, is still frankly-quite-useless.

I did find the opening chapters a bit slow as we all reminded ourselves of some of the history. There were a few things I’d forgotten, though, so this did have its uses. Then, at the end, for some reason we skip ahead to what happens in the future before coming back to the “present day” of the story.

But the bit in the middle was pure Brett: still witty, still clever, still verbose in places.

Still good, though. So, if you’re a fan, or even if you’re not, do read this latest caper. It’s still lots of fun.

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    1. He’s very witty, very dry, and a lovely chap. I personally prefer his Charles Paris stories to his Mrs Pargeters. He was responsible for After Henry too, with Prunella Scales.

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