Diary of a non-fiction book: week 3 – day 2

I don’t know. You wait all week for a blog post, and then three come along at once …

I didn’t get much done on the non-fiction book last week other than research. I’m very much at the research stage as it’s not really a subject I’d consider myself an expert on – other than eating chocolate, that is.

But I have several books to read on various topics I’ll be covering in the book, and I’m still ploughing my way through those.

Last week, on the last day I was able to do some actual work on this, what I really did was alternate reading a chapter of the current research book I’m reading with editing a chapter of the current client-edit I’m in the middle of.

So, rather than keep on writing blog posts that just say things like “spent the entire day reading”, I’ll post when there’s something a bit more exciting to share.

The keen-eyed will spot that the title of this post is still week 3, which was last week. That’s because I’ll be posting this week’s after today.

This week I will be busy on the non-fiction. On Wednesday I have another day in the archives in Birmingham, and I have a little prep work to do before I go. (I’ll put that in the week 4, day 1 post.) And, using one of the books I’ve recently finished reading and reviewing, I’ll be writing my timetable too.

Hopefully this little pit-stop will let you know that I’m still very busy on the project in hand. And hopefully I’ll have plenty more to report later in the week.

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