Twee Tales Too on Kindle, 2 new covers and even MORE news

I did say I’ve been busy …

I’m delighted to say that Twee Tales Too is the latest to become available on Kindle. You can buy it here for just £1.99.

I’ve also republished the paperback with a new cover, and I’ve revamped the original Twee Tales with a new cover – so they both match.

The Kindle stores will, however, take up to 72 hours to refresh the covers, but I think they’ll automatically refresh next time you update your Kindle, for those who already have book 1.

I’m waiting for all links to become active, but if you go to my “buy my books” page, the links will all gradually update, and you can see all of the books now available.

ALL of the Diane Parkin books are now retired and have been replaced with Diane Wordsworth versions.

BUT … it doesn’t stop there.

I’m in the process of publishing Tales from Baggins Bottom Best Bits book 3 on Kindle,  I’m already collating stories for  Twee Tales Twee (do you see a theme here?), and I’m also  in the process of editing Tales from Baggins Bottom Best Bits book 4.

Once all of the books are on Kindle, I’ll look at publishing them on multi-ebook format as well.

You can see other future projects on my “current projects” page.