Monday 23 October 2023: A 4-day week

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The rain came on Thursday night and stayed all the way through Friday and into the weekend. I had to go and collect our prescriptions on Friday morning and I got drenched. It was too windy to take an umbrella, so I just went for it, got wet, and changed as soon as I got home again. While I was there, I booked asthma reviews for us both.

The poet came home on Thursday night with a stinking cold. It’s as though he fought it while he was in Ireland but gave into it as soon as he closed the door behind him. He did a Covid test, but it was negative. I’ve had a cold lurking around the edges too since before he went away, but I think I’m keeping it at bay with lots of hot drinks.

The only job I worked on, after going to collect the prescriptions, was the small edit. It was a nice job that I was able to turn around quite easily, but I did drag my feet and let it take most of the day. The poet had Teams meeting after Teams meeting all morning. I made us both hot drinks (he had hot cordial, I had hot chocolate) then put my ear buds in so I could listen to rain and concentrate on first the hard copy and then the screen edit.

I fired off an email to the client ahead of returning the file, with a few ‘observations’, to which she responded. In between chapters, I gazed at the rain and took delivery of the large order I made the day before.

Last jobs of the day were weekly tech scan and backup and this week’s diary. I’m on a 4-day week this week, and hoping I’ll get everything done now I’m on a slimmed down schedule. In truth it’s 4½ days because we have eye appointments on Thursday too. And still I feel as though I’ll run out of time.

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