Friday 28 April 2023: Birds going bonkers

Song thrush (Image by ZenAga from Pixabay )

So, the Buffer thing not auto-posting may have been just a glitch on the day. Yesterday, when I checked, everything had posted normally and there was no warning message in my WP dashboard. Fingers crossed it works for at least a bit longer.

The birds are going bonkers in our garden and we added another species to our list this week, making it eighteen now. Eighteen different types of birds. The song thrush was our latest visitor. We’d been able to hear it for a few days but it finally came out of its shell and had some food. There are lots of sparrows and more blackbirds than we usually see. The blackbirds are really stuffing their beaks before flying low into the bushes at the end of our garden. We think they have nests there. And I also think we have a resident mouse family.

All of this is very lovely and a joy to see and hear, for most of them truly are songbirds. But they can be a distraction. I could stare at them all day.

I started the day where I left it the day before: dates work. I still had a lot to do on this so in between bits here and there, I did other odds and sods of work. This included the daily competition entries, surfing the jobs board (pitched for one), surveys until they stopped compensating me for not qualifying, and gig list admin.

It seems that September has historically been a busy month because the intial dates work probably took a whole day if you added up all the time I spent on it. I finished getting the topical dates, though, chose five for my own potential use, and thirty-five throways including the take-one-idea. I don’t know when they will materialise on here, but at least the grunt work is done.

There was a bit of admin work I needed to do for Monkey Dust’s gig on Sunday, which I sorted out and sent over to the venue. But that was me done for yesterday.

Today it’s the usual Friday weekly admin and then next week it’s May, and I start the new writing regime with a vengeance. I’ve had a relaxed and leisurely couple of months but it’s time to give myself a good kick up the backside again.

We have a long bank holiday weekend for May Day and we have the Monkey Dust gig on Sunday. Have a good one.

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