Thursday 20 April 2023: Going in the right direction

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I seem to be finally heading in the right direction getting work back on track. My diary is much more streamlined and there is a lot more of my own work in there. 

Saying that… I had a very late start on Wednesday due to first the cat waking me up (throwing up!) and then the dog keeping me awake (fidgeting). The poet seems to have a frozen shoulder that disturbed him for part of the night too so, in all, Wednesday was a late start for both of us.

The dog’s drugs didn’t seem to be doing a great deal on Tuesday, but yesterday his legs were a lot better and I was able to let him into the garden while I hung out some washing. Unsupervised, he’s only allowed on the patio at the moment, so he was delighted to get onto the grass again for a good few minutes. He’s a bit sleepy the rest of the time, and he has the munchies when he’s awake. But Wednesday did see an improvement. Please keep everything crossed that continues to be the case.

I’d washed one load overnight and another one Wednesday morning as soon as I did get up so that I had two loads to hang out. Then the first things I did were the daily competitions (several entries) and a job-board search (nothing took my fancy). Several appointments were added to the diary. And I completed a withdrawal form from our trust account to send to my sister, as we’re joint signatories.

Someone on the 12 Stories in 12 Months website asked if she could read more featuring Marcie Craig (as my last short story was one of hers), so I went to get her the .com link at Amazon as that’s where she’s registered. Then I selected four stories from last month to read and comment on, as I’d not done that yet for the March submissions.

I went to make my dinner and saw post hanging out of the letterbox. Two each, one of which was a lovely card from across the miles. (Thank you!) Then I had a go at a quick short story for this month’s 12 Stories in 12 Months. The deadline was yesterday, but it was only for 500 words, so it didn’t take me very long.

Just before 4pm I took the envelope addressed to my sister to post. The letterbox is only across the road and it’s emptied at 4pm. It’s only a very short walk but I’m trying to get more active and this was on top of the two short walks and back I’d had the day before. The letterbox hadn’t been emptied yet, so my sister might get it today or tomorrow.

I didn’t manage all of yesterday’s scheduled tasks, but there were more ticks yesterday than there were the day before. I closed down the office and went to bring in the washing.

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