Monday 27 Mar 2023: Not a BST person

Image by Christiane from Pixabay

We had a busy weekend that started on Thursday night really. We went out to see a band but the place was far too packed and the sound was far too quiet. We ended up leaving before the end of the first set. I can’t understand why venues have to pack a place to the rafters and I don’t believe fire regulations would have covered it last week.

On Friday I didn’t hit my desk at all. Instead, I grabbed the proofreading and spent the entire day in the conservatory which, if you remember, is a device-free zone. I got so much done just by not having that massive distraction in front of me (the computer). Every time I finished a chapter, I got up and went into the house to check emails or put some washing through or have something to eat. But then I was back in my chair in the conservatory working.

I didn’t enter any competitions, I didn’t complete any surveys, I didn’t do my weekly tech backup, I didn’t do anything that needed to be done on the computer. It felt so good by the end of the day. I was stiff and achey, but I’d made a massive dent in the proofreading.

On Saturday the poet surprised me by whisking us away to the seaside for a few hours. It was peeing down with rain, but that didn’t matter. We had a tray of chips in the lee of a wooden shack, we had whipped ice cream with flakes and bits (sprinkles), and we saw the sea. The dog had a bit of a shout and a bit of a trot and he had ice cream too. It was a lovely treat.

We binge-watched a television mini-series on Saturday night (Redemption) and we got up late on Sunday, which wasn’t great because the clocks went forward and we still had to do the shopping. Before that I had to do a meal plan and a shopping list too. I did very well, though. I didn’t put any cakes, puddings or biscuits into the trolley. The only sweet treat I’m allowing myself is organic milk chocolate, because I can’t stand dark chocolate no matter how much better it is for me.

When we got back, the poet got stuck in to baking. He made a soda bread loaf, a low-carb high-protein muesli, and a turkey pie. The soda bread wasn’t as tasty as it looked, so he’s going to try a different recipe for that. After dinner (turkey pie and gravy) we binge-watched another mini-series (Grace).

I did really well for the last week of GMT by making it to my desk on time almost every day… and then the clocks went forward on Sunday morning and I took a massive step backward. I’m really not a British Summer Time kinda gal, I much prefer the depths and darkness and dreary weather of winter. This morning we both struggled to get up, and I didn’t arrive at my desk until midday (new time), even though it was only an hour later than I made it last week (old time).

Saying that, it meant I had breakfast late too, which means a kind of mini-fast for me overnight of around 15 hours. I’m aiming at 12-12 at first with a target of 16-8. I think that’s a long way off yet but something to aim for nevertheless. I did start the day with the poet’s muesli, though, when I’d normally have Rice Krispies with milk and sugar/xylitol on.

I have the jobs I didn’t do on Friday to do today, like the weekly scan and backup up, this week’s diary, and everything else I should have done at the computer. But I’ll be carrying on with that proofreading first.

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3 thoughts on “Monday 27 Mar 2023: Not a BST person

  1. Isn’t it amazing how different work spaces with different parameters work so well?

    I HATE jumping forward. It’s taken me nearly two weeks to reset, and I’m still oversleeping some mornings unless the cats roust me.

    1. If I’ve caught up in 2 weeks, I’ll be doing well. Honestly, I moan about it for weeks, and struggle for just as long. Perhaps I should try embracing it instead of complaining… can’t wait until they stop doing it, though, and hope they stick it at GMT and not BST…

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