Publication Day!

No publishing challenge post again today as I’ve been stupidly busy – again!

The short story That’s What Friends Are For is out today!

This is a brand-new story that’s never previously been published. It’s one I wrote for a course assignment, but I didn’t like the original title (Dedicated Follower of Fashion), I had to change the name of one of the characters because my sister might have thought it was a story about her, and this is the one, I think, where the tutor told me that you don’t need a new paragraph for a new speaker…

…yeah, right. With a tutor like that, I wasn’t really learning anything. I ended up abandoning the course and this story has been sitting in the e-filing cabinet ever since.

Once I finished polishing it, and I’d changed the title and the name of the one character, this is the story I ummed and ahhed about sending out to one of the weekly fiction markets here. However, I also had a gap in my own publishing schedule, so I decided to keep it for myself.

The story will appear again in the future, at least twice: once in Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 21 – 30, and again in Five More Third Age Short Stories. If the Wordsworth Shorts make it to 50, then it will appear again, and if they make it to 100, it will appear again.

For now, though, it’s brand-new.

It’s available from, or here’s the direct link.