Publication Day!

No publishing challenge post again today as I’ve been stupidly busy. One day – one day – I *will* manage my time and my workload a lot better. In the meantime…

The short story Burn is out today!

This story features Marcie Craig. All of the Marcie Craig full-length novels are named for albums or tracks released by Birmingham rock bands. This is because Marcie is a Brummie rock DJ.

Occasionally, I like the title of a song that is by a rock band from somewhere else, but I didn’t know what to do with those. Then I entered a competition and I decided to give Marcie a short story.

The competition was for a short story based on ‘the dark’, my story won second prize, and I renamed it Burn (Deep Purple). Other than include it in Twee Tales Two, and then by association in Twee Tales More, I didn’t do anything else with it. So here it is as a standalone Wordsworth Short.

It’s available from, or here’s the direct link.