Happy New Year!

I didn’t bother sharing a publication day post for Careful What You Wish For because I think one a week is getting a bit old. However, it was published on 20 December. You can buy it in multi-ebook format here.

The week after, on 27 December, I republished New Year’s Revolution. This one was originally exclusive to Kindle Unlimited but I took down all of my Kindle-exclusive books a while ago. You can get this one in multi-ebook format too, from here.

The latest Wordsworth Short to be published is One Born Every Minute, which is out on Monday 3 January. Once it’s been published, you will be able to get it in multi-ebook from here.

Finally, I just hit publish on the first Wordsworth Collection, Flash Fiction: five very short stories. This one won’t be out until Monday 10 January. As of today, it’s not in the store yet, but when it is, it should be available here in multi-ebook format.

Each of these books costs 99p or US$1.99. I’ll continue to publish a book a week in 2022, but I’ll only do publicity material for longer books, such as novellas, novels and non-fiction books. However, I’ll still be posting updates on my publishing challenge from Monday 10 January.

I was going to publish a very short standalone story on 3 January called The Robin, but at less than 1,000 words, I didn’t think that would be very good value for money, and nor did I think that many of the distributors would carry it. That’s why I added it to the first of the flash fiction collections, along with four other very short stories.

I’m back at work on Tuesday 4 January, so this is my last post of 2021. I would therefore like to wish each and every one of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year. Thank you for being here. See you on the other side!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay