Book Review: Dreaming of Christmas

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Dreaming of Christmas by T.A.Williams

Many thanks to both NetGalley and to Canelo for letting me see an advance reader’s copy of Dreaming of Christmas.

Last Christmas, after ten years together, Zoe’s boyfriend’s gift to her was to dump her on Christmas Eve and go and shack up with another woman. On top of that, Zoe also loses her job and has to take the first one that comes along on a tacky celebrity magazine.

She hasn’t had the best of years. She hates the new job and can’t seem to do anything right as far as her boss is concerned, and she’s struggling to get over the heartbreak of losing her man.

Step in her old friend Billy, who invites all of his former housemates from their last year at university, including Zoe, to an all-expenses-paid skiing holiday in the beautiful Austrian Alps for Christmas. Zoe should be looking forward to seeing all of her old friends, but Grant and his new girlfriend will be there as well and she’s dreading that particular reunion.

This story follows Zoe as she prepares herself for her greatest challenge yet, even though she doesn’t know if she’s actually going to go through with it.

No spoilers, but I loved this book. I thought the characters were great, although they all behaved exactly as I expected them to, which means I sussed the ending way before anyone else seemed to. But that was okay. I really enjoyed it and read it in only a few sittings.

A delight to read.

Five stars.