Book Review: A Christmas Gift

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A Christmas Gift by Sue Moorcroft

Many thanks to both NetGalley and to Avon Books UK for letting me see an advance reader’s copy of A Christmas Gift. Apologies for the delay. (I’m still catching up!)

Meet Georgine. She has a lot to deal with in the run up to Christmas, such as:  trying to make ends meet after her ex ran away and threw her to the bailiffs, even though they weren’t her debts; looking after her dad who has suffered a series of strokes and who now lives alone, which is a worry in itself; and co-ordinating, producing and putting on a major Christmas production.

On top of all of that there’s the mysterious Joe who, as far as Georgine is concerned, doesn’t seem to like her. But they have to work together.

This is the second book I’ve read by Sue Moorcroft, as well as the second Christmas book, and I loved this one as much as I loved the first one. I also enjoyed learning more about Sue’s fictitious Middledip. And in this story, I thought the nod towards debt management and pre-death gifting made it even more interesting.

I was a little confused with Raf, Ralph and Randall, but once their characteristics were settled, it became much easier.

This is another feelgood story for reading in the depths of winter while curled up in a comfy chair in front of a fire. If the Christmas decorations are up, then all the better.

Five stars.