Decision time

The time has come (the walrus said) to make a decision. The picture above is the short list of works in progress I’m considering working on next. One of these projects will be completed during July for Camp NaNoWriMo. But which one …?

From top left and going clockwise, the projects are: Catch the Rainbow, the prequel to Night CrawlerThe Fool, a pocket novel; Mardi Gras, my first attempt at steampunk; Diary of a Pussycat, the second in my writers’ guides series; Whitehorse Farm, originally a Mills & Boon/Harelquin attempt, but possibly another pocket novel; The Beast Within, the first sequel to Night Crawler.

Catch the Rainbow is a complete draft that needs about two new scenes adding and then a thorough polish.

The Fool is about a third complete. Well, the first Act has been drafted and part of the second Act.

Mardi Gras is a complete draft that also needs about two new scenes adding and then a thorough polish.

Diary of a Pussycat is a complete draft, but it needs a few more exercises adding that didn’t already appear on the original, and it needs a thorough polish.

Whitehorse Farm has been started a million times and then abandoned. I only decided to consider it as a pocket novel when both publishers of pocket novels in the UK upped their word-count requirements. However, one of those, I believe, has started to drop the word-count again.

The Beast Within is still at my second most favourite stage – the planning part.

Not sure that it’s less daunting as a pile …

For Camp NaNoWriMo, I believe I can either choose my own word-count or I can choose a page-count for editing.

Some of these projects I have been working on for years, and while a part of me says perhaps they don’t want finishing at all, ever, another part reminds me of all the work already put into them.

But I need to make that decision, and the decision time is here.

Which one would you do? And which one would you like to see next?