52 books: Time Management for Writers

I set myself the goal of reading and reviewing 52 writing guides over 52 weeks. The initial year has sailed on by, and my last post was so long ago I couldn’t find it on my dashboard.

I want to finish the project, though, and only have 8 books left. So I’ve renamed it simply 52 Books, and here is book 45.

Time Management for Writers by Sandra Gerth is book 2 in a short series of writers’ guides. 

I was delighted to find, at last, a time management book that was specific and relevant to writers. I’ll even go out on a limb here and say it’s actually the best time management book I’ve ever read. 

This book starts right at the beginning with making time to write. Then it progresses through goal-setting and making the most of what time you do have to write.

The book goes on to include tips on creating the right writing environment, managing energy, dealing with social media, etc, and it culminates in managing your time as a full-time writer. There is also a short section on writers’ resources.

The book is written in easy to digest chunks in such a straightforward, user-friendly manner that it motivates the reader to just get on with it. At the end of each short chapter is an exercise to practise what you’ve just learnt.

The book is designed to be dipped into, but I prefer to read books straight through and then go back and carry out the exercises later. But I was doing the exercises in this book as I went along.

I already have three of the books from this series, and I’ll be adding to my collection shortly.  That’s how good a writer I think Gerth is – and English isn’t even her first language. In fact, I love these books so much, I’ll be covering another one in the same series next time. 

Time Management for Writers is currently only on Kindle, but as some of the others have been released in paperback, this one may too. In the meantime, it’s available (at the moment) for 99p ($1.23). 

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