NaNoWriMo 2018 – days 17, 18 & 19

The weekend just gone was planned time off. I had 2 of my 5 days off together, as I prefer to have days off at the weekend than midweek.

Saturday was a shopping and housework day, and a recce for two more assignments that have come in for me this Friday.

Sunday was a run out to Derwent Reservoir to get some photographs of the usually flooded village that’s currently exposed.

The area was rammed and there were thousands of people with the same idea as us – only we were prepared to pay to park the car whereas many of them merely abandoned their vehicles on the side of the road, causing all sorts of havoc.

As we waded across a tiny stream that’s usually the quite vast reservoir, one of my wellies started to let-in. So I went back to the car to dry out while the poet and Rufus carried on to take their pictures.

Coming back, Rufus didn’t want to cross the stream again. He had to be carried crossing it in the first place (he only has little legs), and when they approached it coming back, he apparently dug his heels in and as the poet had his camera around his neck and couldn’t pick him up again, they had to walk a very long and steep way back to the car. By the time they got back, my sock had dried.

We picked up my mother-in-law on the way back and brought her home with us for tea. We had a roast chicken dinner courtesy of the poet, and I made apple and cherry cinnamon crumble.

Last night was a very disturbed night for me. I have this psychological tooth that plays up sometimes. Most of the time it behaves itself again. But once in a while – or around once in every 4 years or so – it stamps its foot, spits its dummy out and throws a right strop.

This happened last night.

The bad news is we don’t have a dentist yet. We don’t have a local GP either. So first jobs today were locating one of each within a decent enough distance. I’ve found a doctor in our village, and a dentist with rave reviews less than 5 miles away.

Tomorrow morning I’m out on assignment. On the way back, I have to pick up registration forms for both the doctor and the dentist. Then we have to arrange our new patient interviews.

I’m hoping my psychological tooth calms down until we have chance to arrange something. I don’t want to go begging to the first dentist I see for antibiotics, and the doctor will only prescribe antibiotics for dental problems in extreme circumstances. Otherwise, they could get hit with all sorts of law suits, apparently.

Today, then, I’ve been planning for tomorrow, and I’ve been proofreading that giant job – of which there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

And I managed just over 3,000 words for NaNoWriMo too. Still scene and structure work, but it’s coming along.

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