52 books in 52 weeks: Writing your non-fiction book

I set myself the goal of reading and reviewing 52 writing guides over the year. Here is book 19.

Alex Gazzola is already very well-known by many of us writers for his Mistakes Writers Make website, and here, to add to his gems of wisdom, is the third in his series of books that go hand-in-hand with the website.

Writing Your Non-fiction Book is a delightful, short little read, taking me less than half-an-hour to complete over a lunch break.

Only currently available on Kindle, it covers all the steps from what to write to before the book (part 1), during the book (part 2) and after the book (part 3). This includes the book proposal, looking at competition and how to use it, what to remember while writing the book, and how to maximise the book’s earning potential.

My advice to readers? If you’re thinking of writing a non-fiction book, read this one first. It will save a lot of time and heartache along the way. And if you can’t afford the 99p (or just over a dollar), then visit Alex’s website for now instead. You’ll learn a lot either way.

My particularly favourite section was actually on the proofs of the book, where Alex reminds readers of the following:

You can make absolutely essential minor corrections, if any have slipped through the net, but you cannot make wholesale changes nor other nice-to-have adjustments at this stage.

I wish I could bottle that advice and send it to most of the authors I edit! (The stresses are mine.)

I loved this book and it’s one I’ll be keeping on all the Kindle reading devices to dip into at will.

Writing Your Non-fiction Book by Alex Gazzola is available for 99p ($1.28).