Tuesday 27 February 2024: Dental checkups 😱

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We ate out on Thursday, we had a takeaway on Friday, and we went for a meal on Sunday. We’re not eating very well at all at the moment, but it was the poet’s birthday weekend and we were quite busy doing other stuff as well. On Saturday we went to see son #1, by special request, before doing the shopping. And on Sunday we ummed and ahhed about taking the dog with us but decided to case out the pub first.

For his birthday, I took the poet to a pub I used to visit when I worked for Corus/Tata Steel. It was the pub we went to for celebrations, but not the pub we went to on my leaving do. I had to check first that it was still in business and that it still served meals. They are and they do, so we went there for our Sunday dinner and the poet had another day off from cooking.

We went out on Sunday because he was working in the midlands on Monday. He had to take cakes, and I hope he remembered to get me one too!

On Monday I was up bright and early, although not as early as he was, but then the morning was swallowed up with probate emails, texts backwards and forwards with my sister, and sifting through my paper trail. By dinner time I was literally exhausted, and I hadn’t done a stroke of work. I shall be so glad when this is all over. Perhaps a holiday is in order…

I wrote the morning off and strove to start again in the afternoon.

After dinner, the first job I did was rejig my TickTick and transfer it to this week’s diary. I should have done this on Friday but I must have run out of time.

The next job was to look at calls for submissions to the beginning of May, to see if something caught my fancy. Out of around half a dozen calls for submissions, I ended up with 2 short stories. I added the end dates to my TickTick and I created cards for each of them on Plottr, copy and pasting the information on for each call for submission.

I already know when the deadlines dates are for this year’s 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS, so I created cards on Plottr for each of those too and put them all in order. I also spotted one story due at the end of June, and I added that one, complete with working backwards, as it’s one that particularly grabbed me.

The calls for submissions took up most of the afternoon, so at the end of the day, I settled down to watch a couple of lectures from SAVE THE CAT WRITES A NOVEL.

I’d been checking my emails all day for replies regarding probate, but nothing materialised, and after just 2 lectures, I was mentally pooped. It was almost 6pm anyway, so I called it a day and closed everything down.

Today we’re both at the dentist. Eek! Fortunately, it’s just a checkup at a new (to us) practice. We couldn’t find an NHS practice that was taking new patients, so we’ve been forced to go private. We’re very fortunate that we can afford to do that. Too many aren’t. Nevertheless, wish us luck!

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