52 books in 52 weeks: Be a Travel Writer, Live Your Dreams, Sell Your Features

I set myself the goal of reading and reviewing 52 writing guides over the year. Here is book 27.

I have to say I loved this book. And I don’t even aspire to be a travel writer – too much hard work for too little remuneration (unless you make it really big, really quickly, or travel a lot already). But Be a Travel Writer, Live Your Dreams, Sell Your Features by Solange Hando made me want to get up and give it a shot.

Instead of chapters, the book is laid out in steps – ten steps in all, each step leading naturally to the next.

It begins at step 1 with the planning process and runs through, in detail, what to do while on the road, adding photographs, blogging and other online writing, pitching, writing, editing and submission – without all the unnecessary detail such as line-spacing, fonts, cover pages, etc. You’ll find plenty of that in plenty of other books on writing.

I particularly liked the fact that, though the author has used some of her own examples, the book hasn’t been padded out with 3,000-word articles after every other chapter. I also liked the little exercises she gives under the subheading of “now your turn”. These range from thinking, jotting down notes and coming up with destination or theme ideas.

There are tips on what to research before you go, things to do when you’re there, what kinds of things to look out for whilst on your travels, making the most of the unexpected, and so on.

The book is packed with lots of cheerful, upbeat advice drawn from years of experience, with no negativity whatsoever. It makes you feel as though even you can achieve the dream. I loved it and will be taking it on holiday with us next time we go.

Be a Travel Writer, Live Your Dreams, Sell Your Features is available on Kindle for £3.79 ($5.08) and in paperback for £9.99 ($13.63).