Writer at Work- writing CATCH THE RAINBOW: characters

I’m currently typing CATCH THE RAINBOW onto Scrivener, the writing software I wish I’d discovered 30 years ago. I’m loving all of the gimmicks and gadgets that help to make the writing fun, interesting and motivating.

Yesterday I moved a few scenes around using index cards … and there they were already moved in the text part of the story too. All I had to do was change the scene numbers. I can move different scenes into different chapters at the sweep of a mouse. It’s blummin bostin!

Today, I’ve added a new character picture, using a photograph of Duane “Dog” Chapman (aka the bounty hunter). I can attach this picture to both the character index card and any chapters I’m writing where I need his image in front of me. And the index card has been duplicated, because the same character appears in a Marcie Craig story, THE BEAST WITHIN, more than 20 years later.

This character’s real name is Frankie, and the Duane Chapman image is attached to the 1974 story, CATCH THE RAINBOW. But in THE BEAST WITHIN, he looks more like Cat Weasel, and he’s now known as “Popeye”.

Here, then, for my indulgence, are some of the characters who appear in CATCH THE RAINBOW. Lenny is the main character, Jack is her best friend, Nicky and Shaun are twins, and Frankie you’ve already “met”. For fun, I’ve also included “Popeye”:

Elaine “Lenny” Moxon (surname may change)
Shaun 1
Shaun O’Flaherty
Nicky O’Flaherty
Jacqueline “Jack” Hardy
“Popeye” (imagine him with an eye missing …)

Thank you for reading. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writer at Work- writing CATCH THE RAINBOW: characters

  1. Love the characters and the 60s/70s images. I’ve not looked at scrivener but I’m following your reports with interest.

    1. I really like Scrivener, but it suits my touchy-feely/bright-colourful quirks. You do have to use it often to remember how to do everything that it does. But I’m remembering more as I go along.

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